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Our story....


With a passion for baking and a love for mini desserts gave birth to what is now known as Too Mini Donuts. Our story began with a simple dream – to create the most delicious, mouthwatering mini donuts that would bring smiles to people's faces and warm their hearts.


What began as a hobby soon turned into an obsession to create the perfect mini donuts. With the vision of creating an extraordinary experience for customers, we envisioned a mini donut trailer that would pop up at local events, festivals, weddings, birthday parties and other special events . The idea was to bring joy to people on the go, exciting them with the irresistible aroma of hot, freshly made mini donuts.


As our mini donut food trailer continued to expand, it was time for a brick and mortar; we opened our first location December 04, 2021. With every sprinkle, Too Mini Donuts continues to grow and spread happiness, one hot mini donut at a time.  

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